Christ, kingdom and wealthcentric courses designed for citizens.

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At the Citizens Academy our primary mission is to help Christians transition from denominational membership to kingdom citizenship.

We do this by delivering Christ, kingdom and wealth-centric classes, courses and masterclasses for kingdom citizens.

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Exploring your value

Understand your value, develop a clear vision and live out a purpose-filled life. It's important to assess your life in order to appreciate your...

Creating, Maintaining & Increasing Kingdom Wealth

Learn the four foundational habits which will help you to create, maintain and increase your kingdom wealth. The Truth is that even though God has committed by covenant to give us the power to produc...

Gods Eternal Purpose

God has an eternal purpose that is prophetically and strategically being established through Christ Jesus. It is vital for Christians to understand, locate and colabour with and within God's plan. In...

Discovering the Kingdom through the Gospel of Matthew

The first book of the New Testament, the Gospel of Matthew is one of the three synoptic Gospels. Written to a Jewish audience the Gospel of Matthew focuses upon proving the ancestral, royal and legal...

Spiritual Growth Foundation

Christians are beginning to realize why maturity is an important part of the Christian faith today. Not satisfied with the sunday to sunday experience Christians are realizing more and more that they ...

Good Stewardship

In a world where wealth is defined by the accumulation of material possessions, Jesus counters that by saying that “good” is a matter of care and stewardship, even to the point of giving away that whi...

Preparing for a Kingdom Marriage

A step-by-step guide to becoming one. Perhaps you have heard that the rate of divorce and family breakup among Christians is about the same as that among non-Christians. In fact, some studies suggest...

Creating, Maintaining & Increasing Kingdom Wealth MasterClass

In this masterclass, Charles Opiyo will help you to understand the four foundational habits which will help you to create, maintain and increase your kingdom wealth. Habit 1: Prioritize Your Bills an...

Packaging Your Purpose MasterClass

There are many ways to monetize your skills, gifts, abilities, and knowledge. As citizens of the Kingdom of God, we are called to multiply our talents and ensure that our resources are managed effecti...

The Pathway of Citizenship MasterClass

A consolidation of the revelatory truths regarding the Kingdom, Ekklesia, and Citizenship. The Pathway of Citizenship MasterClass is a cutting-edge programme that is perfect for Christians, fellowshi...

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Preparing citizens for the city of the future now.
Universal platforms designed for citizens to collaborate and cultivate citizenry in their regions.
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