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Creating, Maintaining & Increasing Kingdom Wealth

  • Teacher: Charles Opiyo
  • Released: 07.02.2023 13:55
  • Taxonomy: Theological, Personal, Mindset, Wealth
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:
  • Price: £ 0.00

No certificate is given for this course

Learn the four foundational habits which will help you to create, maintain and increase your kingdom wealth.

The Truth is that even though God has committed by covenant to give us the power to produce wealth which is released by impartation from a sent one, it will still require that you as an individual be accurately configured by inculcating these 4 habits so that you can not only create but also maintain & increase wealth.

This very foundational teaching is vital for you to be able to operate in the power to produce wealth and this is because we are all people from different generations, raised by different parents who earned different incomes and held different values, in different parts of the world, born into different economies which are usually generally in conflict with how the Kingdom Economy Works and therefore we tend to want to apply those different beliefs, perspectives and experiences to how the power to produce wealth outworks ending up in failure and disappointment.

This teaching re-shapes and re-prioritizes the how of the power to produce wealth by re-structuring the behaviors that will best serve you and make it easier to fully benefit from the impartation of the power to produce wealth.

Those who would want to pursue the MASTERCLASS where we break down each habit and walk through with you, can get in touch with me through

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