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Spiritual Growth Foundation

  • Teacher: Matik Nicholls
  • Released: 16.05.2022 11:12
  • Taxonomy: Theological, Personal, Mindset, Personal development
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:
  • Price: £ 0.00

No certificate is given for this course

Christians are beginning to realize why maturity is an important part of the Christian faith today. Not satisfied with the sunday to sunday experience Christians are realizing more and more that they need to allow God to transform them into the people whom God wants.

The Spiritual Growth Foundation course has been designed for:

  • Christians who are hungry to experience more of God and grow in Christlikeness.
  • Christians who may be stuck in habitual sin or not experiencing the transformation in their character that they would like.
  • Christians who want to experience healthier lives spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.

Through this course you will learn?

  • What is spiritual maturity.
  • How we become mature as followers of Christ.
  • The 3 phases of our journey toward spiritual maturity.
  • How to partner with what God is doing in the phase that we are in.
  • The five aspects of our character that need to develop in order for us to become mature.
  • Habits that accelerate our growth.
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