Packaging Your Purpose MasterClass

  • Teacher: Nicola McKenzie
  • Released: 14.05.2022 14:41
  • Taxonomy: Practical, Personal, Skillset, Personal development
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:
  • Price: £ 99.99

No certificate is given for this course

There are many ways to monetize your skills, gifts, abilities, and knowledge. As citizens of the Kingdom of God, we are called to multiply our talents and ensure that our resources are managed effectively to maximize our sphere of influence.


The following 4Ps contained within the quadrant are 4 resourceful ways to produce income which can be incorporated in some way using your unique gifts and talents.

The idea is to diversify and create different streams of income, so you never become dependent on any one stream. This way, if one stream dries up, you will have other streams of income which can sustain you, whilst you get other streams up and running again.

There is no doubt creating these streams will take some strict planning, effort, and time, but it will be well worth the results. Once in place. A lot of the products you can create will bring in passive income.

The MasterClass consists of two power-packed sessions with Nicola covering the following:

  • Self Assess
  • Mission Statement
  • Products
  • Programs
  • Presentations
  • Personalised Time


Engage in this beautiful self-discovery process to pinpoint purpose and your unique packaged business to share with the world.


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